Input Tax Credit Mechanism Under GST Regime
Tuesday Nov 29, 2016

Input Tax Credit (ITC) is the backbone of the GST regime. GST is nothing but a value added tax on goods & services combined. It is these provisions of Input Tax Credit that make GST a value added tax i.e., collection of tax at all points after allowing credit for the inputs. The procedures and restrictions laid down in these provisions are important to make sure that there is seamless flow of credit in the whole scheme of transition without any misuse.Thus, the clarity of rules of availment and utilization will have significant impact on making GST a taxpayer-friendly tax.

One of the biggest advantages expected from the implementation of GST Act is that it would remove cascading effect by facilitating seamless flow of credit. This would be given effect by providing for the availment of ITC to the purchasing dealer in respect of the GST paid by the supplying dealer and thus by removing the restrictions placed in the present Cenvat credit rules on availment of credit which lead to break in the credit chain and consequent cascading effect which further leads to increase in cost of goods and services. Thus linking of invoice to invoice would eliminate any ambit for revenue leakage.

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