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As entry strategy specialists, we understand that setting up business in a seemingly complex Indian jurisdiction can be daunting. With over two decades of experience in giving process driven and structured advice, our turnkey project management service supports every stage of your business set up.

From identifying the most suitable entry route and assisting you in deal structuring to providing a one stop shop for regulatory approvals, we help you consolidate the new set up. From obtaining clearances and approvals from Government bodies like the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Registrar of Companies (ROC), Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority (FCRA), to land acquisition, clear title and conversion rights, we make your experience in India a hassle-free one.

The Planning & Implementation Strategy includes:

Entry Strategy
Planning and implementing an appropriate route for investing into India. We suggest, plan and implement entry strategy for your business by doing a detailed analysis of the regulatory environment, evaluate alternative entry options and decide best fit option.
Location Study
We conduct location studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different Indian states based on well-defined multi perspective geographic, political, economic parameters, including fiscal incentives, rebates and tax concessions.
Project Management
Project managing the factory establishment in India, including identification of industrial location, necessary clearances from government bodies and facilitating relationship with key service providers and contractors, all matched and monitored against pre-defined milestones.
Regulatory Approvals
Specialized teams to assist in incorporating a company or setting up an office including all approvals  from the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), ‘Secretariat of Industrial Assistance’ (SIA), ‘Foreign Investment Promotion Board’ (FIPB), ‘Registrar of Companies’ (ROC), ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority’ (FCRA) and other concerned bodies.
Start up Support
We organize the office infrastructure and manpower during the ‘in transit period’ of a company when it is in the process of setting up, including acting as a nominee resident directors.
Secretarial Support
Assisting the management in drafting and maintaining statutory records, minutes of meetings (Annual, Shareholders, Board), appointment and resignation of key personnel, increase/reduction of capital, dividend declaration, change of registered office etc. and if required assist in closure of office and liquidation of entity.

Setting up an Indian Subsidiary

Our extensive network eases the process for multinationals and foreign corporates looking at their entry strategy in India. From registrations for incorporation of Indian subsidiaries to post set-up compliances after incorporation like exchange control, corporate law, municipal law and state specific commercial registrations as well as coordination with various agencies like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Finance, RBI, we provide a one stop solution.

Project Management for Foreign Companies

Several Japanese companies have availed of our turnkey solutions whilst establishing manufacturing facilities in India. These include identification of suitable industrial locations in India, necessary clearances from relevant governmental bodies and step by step project milestone planning.

Active liaison with relevant Central and State Government Agencies for approval for allotment of industrial land, due diligence on selected land to ensure clear title, drafting comprehensive regulatory scheme i.e. systematically planning all critical regulatory aspects in the project including environmental clearances, labour licenses, fire approvals, power connection, water connection, factory license, warehousing license, permission to operate diesel generators and assistance in claiming applicable incentives, rebate and concessions granted under state specific regulations are part of our advisory services. Selection of key vendors for the project and recruitment of key managerial staff also falls in our scope of responsibilities.

Liaison, Branch and Project Office for Foreign Companies

Our services include approvals from the RBI and relevant Ministries under Government of India to establish Liaison Office ('LO'), Branch Office ('BO') and Project Office ('PO') in India.

From drafting the required documents and application and then represented the client before various agencies viz. RBI, Authorised Dealer Banks, Ministry of Finance to obtaining the approval to set-up LO/BO/PO and post approval assistance in mandatory compliances such as registration with the Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and further to obtain initial tax and commercial registrations, we support you at every step.

Systematic guidance at every stage outlining action steps whilst highlighting what to do at what stage ensure an error proof process even as we take prior concurrence on deliverables and cost involved.

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