Dr. Ashok V Desai


Dr Ashok Desai is a well known economist and consultant with extensive experience in India and abroad.

A former Chief Consultant with the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, he helped shape the new liberal policies instituted in 1991-1993 and has advised Indian and International organisations, including World Bank, UNCTAD and OECD Development Centre. A renowned economic journalist and private business consultant in India, Dr Desai is a commerce graduate from Sydenham College, Bombay and was awarded a Ph.D in Economics from Cambridge University. He has also spent two years at the Institute für Weltwirtschaft (Institute of World Economics), Kiel (Germany); scholar of Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Dr Desai has also served as Consultant Research and Planning Division, Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, Bangkok where he contributed to work on manpower problems. He has also provided consulting on the working of the world fertilizer market whilst being associated with Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome.

His teaching experience spans 15 years. He has been associated with Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Brighton (England), Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Research, Stanford University. With various publications to his credit, he has been the Consultant Editor to the Business Standard and is currently the Consultant Editor for The Telegraph.